Tendai Huchu

Originally from Zimbabwe and a long-term resident of Edinburgh, Tendai Huchu is the author of two previous novels: The Hairdresser of Harare and The Maestro, The Magistrate and the Mathematician. These were published worldwide and translated into multiple languages. He has also (as T L Huchu) written award-winning short fiction, with stories appearing in the Manchester Review, Interzone, AfroSF, Ellery Queen and others. 

Tendai’s new book is The Library of the Dead; the first part of an original and gripping fantasy series for a YA and crossover audience. Set in a post-calamity Edinburgh where magic is commoditised and traded, the class system has become still more prevalent, giving a truly dystopian backdrop for this story. The story centres on Ropa Moyo - a smack-talking, butt-kicking heroine for the ages. Ropa makes her living delivering messages to the dead, and when she hears rumours in the everyThere about a living human sucking the souls from children, she feels bound by both contract and honour to investigate... The Library of the Dead is currently out on submission.