Jin Yong and winter news

Thu, December 14, 2017

A recent piece in The Observer pointed out that Jin Yong, our Chinese author whose Legends of the Condor Heroes we represent, was the world’s bestselling living novelist, yet he is barely known outside China, where his books are classics that are read and revered by one generation after another. A Hero Born is the first book in a twelve-part series, and it will be published by MacLehose Press in February, translated by Anna Holmwood. The news sparked a flurry of interest from film companies and foreign publishers, excited by the thought of a Chinese Tolkein or George R R Martin. Something to look forward to when recovering from the festive hangover!

Elsewhere, we are delighted to report that Avon have agreed a two-book deal for Joanne Sefton’s haunting psychological thrillers. And a new digital publisher, Sapere Books, have signed up two of our authors for three-book deals. The indefatigable Cora Harrison is starting a new series set in the 1980s and featuring a retired headteacher who acts as “responsible adult” supporting vulnerable people accused of crimes. And Elizabeth Bailey’s Regency mysteries investigated by the eminently sensible Lady Ottilia Fanshawe will also attract new fans.

Finally, congratulations to Rachel Lynch, whose crime series set in the Lake District will be published by Canelo in another three-book deal. 

Happy holidays one and all!