Gemmell awards and rights news

Mon, February 20, 2017

Some very exciting news landed on Friday last week: Adrian's Selby's incredible debut Snakewood (Orbit) has been nominated for the David Gemmell Morningstar award for best fantasy debut of the year. David Palumbo's excellent cover art has also been nominated for the Ravenheart award. Snakewood - which tells the story of a group of ageing mercenaries, who are being killed off one by one by an unknown assassin - is a truly original book, and marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long and very successful career. Anyone wishing to vote can do so here

In other news, The Buckman Agency have secured two further rights sales in Stephen Williams' Tuesday Falling (HarperCollins), one of the underground hits of 2016. This remarkable, mould-breaking thriller has been picked up by Ediciones B in Spain, and in Germany by Bastei Luebbe. Anyone who hasn't already read this really needs to - 187 five star reviews on Amazon can't be wrong!

Lastly, a note on the London Book Fair: we are still taking bookings for meetings, and will be at table 15G in the International Rights Centre. There will be biscuits. Lots of biscuits.